2 weeks post-delivery

I had my  week post-op appointment this morning.  I’ve officially dropped 30 lbs since delivery 😀

My Doctor said I’m still retaining fluid, so he wrote me another prescription for the diuretic plus one refil.  I’ll start that tomorrow.

I go back again on the 18th for another follow up and then I’m thinking my last visit will be 3 weeks after that when I hit 6 weeks post delivery.  Can’t wait to see how much more weight I can pee out!!!  😀

Diuretics = My best friend!

So, I’ve been taking this diuretic since Friday and when the first dose hit my system, I peed like no woman has ever peed before! It was life altering!!!!

I’ve got 3 more days left until its done. So for shits and giggles I decided to hop on the scale at home.

I’ve lost 28 lbs in 4 days????? WTF?

I am sooooooo looking forward to Friday to see how much more fluid I’ll lose 🙂 I can finally see my feet and ankles! No more swelling and they fit in my cute shoes again 🙂


1 week post delivery :)

Had my 1 week post op visit today. Needless to say, my blood pressure was still up :(. I’d only lost 10 lbs since delivery and I’m incredibly swollen 😦 My feet and what use to be ankles look worse now than they did pregnant 😦

My OB decoded to prescribe me a diuretic to aid in removing all that fluid I’m retaining. I’m supposed to take it for an entire week and he’ll see me back next week.

I pray to God that this works!!!!

My review – Lily Pads

Lily Padz

Lily Padz Nursing Pads

So, I was really excited to try these.  I have had issues in the past with breastfeeding and leaking and I was really hoping these would prevail! Unfortunately for me, they did not.  First of all you have to flip the silicone pads inside out, then you are supposed to press it against your nipple first.  Then you’re supposed to flip it right side out and it is supposed to stick to your breast. Well, for me they did not work.  The silicone cut into my breast, which hurt when I had my nursing bra on.  I gave it several days thinking maybe things are just swollen/engorged; but after several days I had to revert back to the Gerber nursing pads. 😦  So, save your $20 and buy something else.  These didn’t work for me.