So the hubby and I went to Goodwill this afternoon. I found this in their auction book.



My review – Lily Pads

Lily Padz

Lily Padz Nursing Pads

So, I was really excited to try these.  I have had issues in the past with breastfeeding and leaking and I was really hoping these would prevail! Unfortunately for me, they did not.  First of all you have to flip the silicone pads inside out, then you are supposed to press it against your nipple first.  Then you’re supposed to flip it right side out and it is supposed to stick to your breast. Well, for me they did not work.  The silicone cut into my breast, which hurt when I had my nursing bra on.  I gave it several days thinking maybe things are just swollen/engorged; but after several days I had to revert back to the Gerber nursing pads. 😦  So, save your $20 and buy something else.  These didn’t work for me.

Zero Water Container – Me Likey!

Our beloved PUR water cooler bottle topper thingy bit the dust; after some 7 or so years 😦 Really disappointed in it too.  We’ve been plugging along with a britta sink filter, but it’s really not the same.  Miss being able to have ICE COLD water instead we have cool tap water 😦

So, after finding out that they no longer make the PUR water cooler thingy we had to search for something else.

Step in Zero Water.  I found out that Home depot actually had it the cheapest.  $49 plus free shipping!

Zero Water Cooler Bottle

Zero Water Cooler Bottle

Ordered it last Friday and it came in today.  Quicker than I thought it would.  So, my sick 9 year old and I put it together and tried it out. I have to say I.AM.AMAZED!

The water tastes so much better!  It comes with a PPM water tester, so we gave it a shot.  We tested the water from the tap, without the Britta filter on.

Water Tester take 1

Water Tester take 1

Then, we tested the water out of the cooler with our new Zero Water Cooler Bottle.

Water Tester Take 2

Water Tester take 2

Finally, we tested the water out of the tap with the Britta water filter on.  Sad to say, it was only a little bit better than the one we took with no filter on.

Needless to say, I’m a HUGE fan!  It is so nice having ICE COLD WATER!  And the best part is, the kids are drinking water again 🙂

Is it really my brest friend?

So, there is a product that I am really excited to try out and I cannot wait until baby Jake gets here so that I can.  With all my other boys (I chose not to breast feed my daughter, chalk that up to being 21 and young) I used a boppy pillow and to be quite honest it’s a great concept; BUT… for a once very large person it is difficult to fit around your waist to properly hold a baby for feeding.

THIS time around I decided to try something different.  Having lost 50 lbs prior to getting pregnant with this little guy I’m hoping, praying, pleading with God to help me get my body back so that I can get a hawt momma of 5… 😉

That being said, I am really interested in trying out this pillow.  It looks ergonomically correct for holding a bigger baby (mine start out small, but gain speed pretty quickly).

Brest Friend in blue

Brest Friend in blue

It looks a lot more comfortable than those boppy type pillows.  I bought mine second hand from a children’s consignment shop in north Austin.

I think what did it for me was the water bottle holding pocket!  😉

Anyway, hope to be using this bad boy in about 5 weeks or so when Baby Jake is done baking!  I’ll post an update when I’m finally able to break this puppy out.

The great Car Seat debate

Now that I’m roughly 7 weeks away from Jake coming, it’s time to start looking at car seats.  I really dislike the fact that there is nothing cute out there for little boys.  There is a TON of cute designs for little girls, but when it comes to boys I either have to go with a dark color (We live in Central Texas, that is absolutely NOT an option) or some Godawful pattern 😦

I’d thought about just buying a seat and commissioning an awesome seamstress to make me a custom cover to match the cover I made for Jake’s bed (it’s retro cowboy print with denim and bandera).

So, here are the three top choices that I’ve made.  I have debated about buying a travel system, but the problem I have is that I need something to handle 2 kids, 1 infant and 1 preschooler.  I don’t really want a tandem stroller, had one with my older 2 boys and it was just a pain in the butt.  I’d love to get a double jogger, but their either too expensive or lack the necessary equipment to attach an infant seat to.

Here are the two that I’m contimplating:


Evenflo Georgia Stripe

Evenflo Georgia Stripe


Graco Oasis

Graco Oasis


Graco Pasadena

Graco Pasadena