My review – Lily Pads

Lily Padz

Lily Padz Nursing Pads

So, I was really excited to try these.  I have had issues in the past with breastfeeding and leaking and I was really hoping these would prevail! Unfortunately for me, they did not.  First of all you have to flip the silicone pads inside out, then you are supposed to press it against your nipple first.  Then you’re supposed to flip it right side out and it is supposed to stick to your breast. Well, for me they did not work.  The silicone cut into my breast, which hurt when I had my nursing bra on.  I gave it several days thinking maybe things are just swollen/engorged; but after several days I had to revert back to the Gerber nursing pads. 😦  So, save your $20 and buy something else.  These didn’t work for me.