33 week check up


Had my 33 week check up today. Dr. still says my due date is the 18th which puts me at 33 weeks officially tomorrow.

Blood pressure was excellent today!!! Super stoked about that. My “sample” was good. Nothing spilling over and liver check looks good. No sugars either which is good!

Weight was up about 4 lbs though from last week 😦 I’m incredibly swollen. In fact, my daughter was amusing herself last night by pressing her hand into my lower legs and watching it make an imprint as if you were sinking your hand in plaster or concrete. Stayed for quite a while. Dr. said that I’m definitely swollen and that the weight gain is water retention for sure. Sigh

Basically I go weekly until I either go into labor, hit my scheduled c-section date or something goes wonky with my blood pressure, liver levels or I spill protein in my urine.

In 2 weeks I get an ultrasound to determine baby’s position and approximate size. Starting to get anxious!!!! I can’t wait to see who he looks like, will he have any hair, how big will he really be?

I really dislike waiting… But I understand that it’s not quite time yet. Sigh


Getting activity!!!!

Noticed over the past few days that I’m starting to have regular irregular braxton hicks contractions!  🙂 Why would I be happy about this?  Just that much closer to meeting baby Jake!

We were at Lowe’s yesterday returning a water cooler that we bought that didn’t work.  The hubby went in first while I wrangled Josh into a Lowe’s Race Car buggy.  When we got into the returns area, the lady behind the counter looked at me with very wide opened eyes.  I heard her ask the hubby, “How much longer does she have?”.  To which he looked at me and I told her my schedule c-section date of June 12th.  She then commented “My goodness, that must be one large baby!”

Yep, let the large comments start a flying!  Ha ha, too damn funny!

So, baby Jake can be here as early as 30 days from tomorrow or 4 weeks from Tuesday.  I so cannot wait to start seeing what happens over the next coming weeks.

Food for thought…

Someone explain to me why you would want to advertise that your credit SUCKS? Seriously, why would you buy a car from Drive Time and actively display their license plate holder with the words “Drive Time” and their logo? It’s like you’re shouting from the roof tops “I’m a credit risk and these suckers sold me a car!”

While we’re on the subject, years ago in Austin I was out driving one day. A van passed me by with a bumper sticker that read; and I’m not joking… “My child’s an idiot at Austin’s State School.” This of course was back before the invention of camera phones, but damn I wish I could see that van again!  There is a state school in Austin for mentally disadvantaged children.  I never understood this persons reasoning for this bumper sticker.  I’ve seen my fair share of “My child’s an honor student at ____” or “My child is a straight A student at ____”; but never did I envision seeing a bumper sticker that mentioned the mental disability of your child.

My husband can’t stand it when we buy a vehicle from a dealership and they plaster their name all over the car. Like the new Swaggerwagon (that’s what a good friend of mine calls her Honda Odyssey, therefor I’ve dubbed the T&C this as well). We bought it from a dealership in Austin. They plastered their name with a sticky metal name plaque on the back, with not 1 but 2 license plate holders and the paper fake plate on the front.

Hubby immediately removed the one up front, remove the metal sticky name off the back and as soon as the new plates come in; the one on the back is GONE! His reasoning, “They’re not paying ME to advertise, so why should I?”

Point, match, win!

And so it begins

Had a bit of a snicker today. I treated Andrew our 9 year old to lunch at school today. I’d already treated the other two and was finally able to make it today.

Josh and I went to subway and got lunch. Andrew requested a foot long turkey. : /

We got to the school a bit early and waited in the hall. They have a small “Zoo” that use to have a lot more than they do now. They’re down to 1 Guinea pig, 1 hamster, 1 bunny and a blue tongue skink. Josh and I were admiring the guinea when James’ teacher came by headed back to class from lunch.

She said hello and when I turned around she was staring at my belly. 🙂 To which she exclaimed, “there’s no way your making it to June”. Ha ha!
Nope we don’t think so either.

So we progressed down the hall to the cafeteria to wait for Andrew. When his class came in, his teacher came by and rubbed my belly. She asked how much longer, when I said technically 6.5 more weeks until my scheduled c-section; her eyes got real wide. Ha ha!

Guess I must be HUGE! 😉

Is it really my brest friend?

So, there is a product that I am really excited to try out and I cannot wait until baby Jake gets here so that I can.  With all my other boys (I chose not to breast feed my daughter, chalk that up to being 21 and young) I used a boppy pillow and to be quite honest it’s a great concept; BUT… for a once very large person it is difficult to fit around your waist to properly hold a baby for feeding.

THIS time around I decided to try something different.  Having lost 50 lbs prior to getting pregnant with this little guy I’m hoping, praying, pleading with God to help me get my body back so that I can get a hawt momma of 5… 😉

That being said, I am really interested in trying out this pillow.  It looks ergonomically correct for holding a bigger baby (mine start out small, but gain speed pretty quickly).

Brest Friend in blue

Brest Friend in blue

It looks a lot more comfortable than those boppy type pillows.  I bought mine second hand from a children’s consignment shop in north Austin.

I think what did it for me was the water bottle holding pocket!  😉

Anyway, hope to be using this bad boy in about 5 weeks or so when Baby Jake is done baking!  I’ll post an update when I’m finally able to break this puppy out.

Just feels…odd

Alright, so you know that baby Jake flipped head down yesterday morning. Well, I just feel oddstrange…not normal; but of course that’s my norm.

20120425-105244.jpgHe is still head down, even my 9 year old son could tell the difference when he put his hand on my belly today. “Mom, where did that round, hard spot go? Your belly feels different!” my belly even looks different too. I look even more pregnant than I did before.

Well, last night I had a very rough time sleeping. My pelvis was achy, my 2.5 year old was up about every 1.5 hours because the poor guy couldn’t breath (damn allergies), and I couldn’t get comfortable 😦 Every which way I laid down, it felt different. Not use to not feeling baby Jake’s head up high, now I’m concerned with the way I’m sleeping and if it’ll hurt him. I’m not quite a side sleeper, more so a tummy sleeper and even when pregnant I sleep 1/2 on my side, 1/2 on my belly hugging my pillow. for some reason that comfort of knowing where he was, was gone last night. It just felt so foreign to me. Hard to explain.

Not being able to sleep on my back is driving me crazy because it feels like I just can’t find that sweet spot. Needless to say, I am really hoping that Josh’s allergy medicine that he got today helps him to tonight and this extremely exhausted momma gets some much needed rest.


So, I woke up this morning with a really strange felling in my belly. It almost felt like Jake was laying sideways across me.

Went to the bathroom thinking that would alleviate some of the pressure/sensation/weirdness… Nope, didn’t do anything.

Got the kids up and ready for school and loaded up into the van. When I sat down is when I noticed this strange sensation in my pelvis. Almost felt as though I’d pulled a muscle.

Got the kids all off to school and headed over to do a final walk thru with a buyer client when I noticed the pelvic area was more like a stretching sensation more than anything else.

Hmmmm…Could Jake have flipped?

Finished up with the buyer client and headed into town for my OB appt. all the while, I felt just strange.

More concerned with my blood pressure and sugar levels, I almost forgot to mention my strange belly. When he got ready to listen to the heartbeat, I remembered so he was able to do a quick external check.

Sure enough, he felt very confident that Jake is now head down. More so than last week. 🙂

Doesn’t mean much to me though since this is c-section #5 for me. That makes 2/5 kiddos that have turned head down. Amazing!

Pressure was 110/87 and blood sugar fasting was 95; so other than I’m swelling more now I’m perfect 😀

Headed back in a week, wonder when the internal checks start? Happy happy, joy joy! NOT! 😉

Stick a fork in me, I'm done!

Okay, so I think I’ve finally hit the miserable mark 😦 I’ll be 32 weeks along tomorrow and I’m done!  D-O-N-E, DONE!

Jake is HUGE, and I can’t wait to find out exactly how big he is.  My OB will do a final u/s at 35 weeks (so just 3 weeks to go) to determine if he’s head down (still thinking he’s breech) and to estimate how big he is.  Mother’s instincts… he’s HUGE!

My feet have officially swollen.  I’ve got kankles on my ankles, I’ve got swollen fingers and I’m ravenously HUNGRY!  I can’t get comfy at night, my pregnancy undies don’t fit anymore over my belly anymore and let’s not talk about the boobs…

I’ve got 5 weeks to go until he is deemed full term, I pray to God that I make it…