The day my world stopped

So, my daughter has been staying with family up in Dallas and one of my nieces brought her home today.

She’s a Teacher up in the Dallas area. While she was sitting in my living room visiting with us and baby Jake, my 7.5 year old was having one of his bad days. Full on out melt downs. 😦

Aly my niece started asking questions about my son. Specifically if he had these swings during school, how he was socially, etc. I answered each of her questions, there was no needing to think about it. As a teacher, she sees a lot. When she mentioned that she’s had children just like my James, I was shocked!

That’s when I heard the two words that changed our life. Aspergers Syndrome.

We sat and talked for an hour and as soon as she left, I hit Google.!

Not only do I believe without a doubt that this is what my son has, but I also believe this is what my husband has AND subsequently his father (although quite mild compared to my husband and our son).

Now, how do I mention this to my hubby without him getting upset? He’s very protective over James, I fear that it’ll be a struggle to get him diagnosed.

Go big, or go home right?