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My Mother in law’s gift

When she passed away this past June, my life changed. ¬†We buried her June 27, 2012 and that Friday we sent our daughter up to Dallas for a little vay-cay. ¬†She came back on July 6th, which coincidentally was the day we found out about our son possibly having Asperger’s Syndrome.

When she was first placed in the hospital with a¬†collapsed¬†lung, we were there when they brought her out of recovery and back to her room. ¬†When she was still a bit out of sorts and coming to, she was talking off and on and spotted my husband. ¬†She started calling him a pet name she use to say to him, “Andy Pandy puddin pie”. ¬†We were all snickering, thought she was so doped up on the goods and all. ¬†She also said something endearing like that to his baby brother Matthew. ¬†We had our then almost 1 month old with us and she started calling him “Jake Jake the Snake”; which is the nick name we’ve taken to calling him. ¬†She then looked back to my husband and to me and closed her eyes. ¬†She then said, “My Kari knows my Andy” and fell back to sleep.

On July 3rd,  my mother in-law came to visit me in a dream.  The mere fact that I was able to remember a dream, having a newborn and not much sleep was amazing.  I cannot tell you what happened before she visited my dream nor can I tell you what happened after; but I can tell you with vivid detail when she did and what it entailed.

I’m standing in a kitchen, or just on the outside of it like I was in the hall way just to the side of it. ¬†She was walking towards me, carrying the top to my wedding cake which had our cake topper on it. ¬†This cake topper was the same one that her and my father in-law used on their wedding cake and my husband and I used it on ours too. ¬†She handed me the cake, smiling at me the entire time and didn’t say a word. ¬†I turned around and walked away. ¬†That was it. ¬†Nothing was said, just a huge smile ear from ear on her beautiful face.

I happened to mention the dream to my mother the following day, because she loves to interpret dreams people have. ¬†She couldn’t figure this one out, other than she’d recently passed and I’d been thinking a lot about her.

Then that Friday is when our daughter returned from Dallas with my niece who is a school teacher. ¬†This is the day we found out about James possibly having Asperger’s Syndrome.

I called my mother Monday the 8th and told her all about the visit with my niece and she started doing her own research on Asperger’s Syndrome. ¬†She called me back roughly 2 hours later. ¬†She’d figured out my dream…

My mother in-law was passing the¬†proverbial¬†torch so to speak. ¬†She knew! ¬†You know that biblical saying about how when we die, God will show us everything? ¬†I’m guessing it is true, because my mother in-law found out about my James and her Andy.

Her Kari knows her Andy!  

My mother in-law knew!!! ¬†She was passing on the reins to me. ¬†I am to take care of her Andy and I’m to take care of my James. ¬†When my mother brought this to my attention, I broke down. ¬†I am a firm believer that she is the reason why we found all this out soon after she passed. ¬†Our daughter has never spent an entire week with our Dallas family, but to have her go away and come back with a niece who happens to be a school teacher, who happened to be visiting on a day when our James was having a HUGE melt down, who happened to mention to me that shes had children in her classes like James…Just rocked my world.

So, I embrace the gift that she gave to me. ¬†I have yet to have another dream about her and it took every ounce of energy for me not to pick up the phone to call her when we found out about Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome. ¬†To this day, I wish she was still here so she could hear about how James and her Andy are doing. ¬†We’re plugging along day by day and making great strides and on track to get all the medical evaluations completed for James. ¬†I guess God had big things in store for our family in 2012 and I look forward to what he brings to us in 2013!