The day my world stopped Updated

UPDATE – It is so hard to believe that it has been six months since we discovered that our son is social challenged.  Life has been so crazy up to this point, but I am so relieved that we now know how our son functions.  Every day is a new challenge.  His meltdowns are the same as they’ve been, nothing new except for the fact that I now know how to handle him and I can diffuse the situation before he has a full fledged melt down.  It’s so funny because I think back to when he was just 2.5 years old and I’d take him to the grocery store.  He absolutely disliked being around people so much that if we were walking down an isle and someone was coming down the other end, he’d scream and freak out.  It was so difficult being a parent to this and not knowing what was going on with him.

I knew at that age that there was something different about him.  When God made him, he truly broke the mold.  Now here he is 8 and things are getting easier, but still difficult from  a parental standpoint.  I’m just glad that he has us as parents, because living with a spouse that has Asperger’s Syndrome will make it so much easier for our son to cope with life and what is thrown at him.  I will also be there to help his future girlfriend/wife to understand him better; which speaks volumes considering I didn’t have any help until recently.

When my mother in law passed away in June, two days after her burial she came to me in a dream.  You’ll have to read my post about the dream.  It was amazing to say the least.  I’m seriously thinking I’m going to write a book about this…


So, my daughter has been staying with family up in Dallas and one of my nieces brought her home today.

She’s a Teacher up in the Dallas area. While she was sitting in my living room visiting with us and baby Jake, my 7.5 year old was having one of his bad days. Full on out melt downs. 😦

Aly my niece started asking questions about my son. Specifically if he had these swings during school, how he was socially, etc. I answered each of her questions, there was no needing to think about it. As a teacher, she sees a lot. When she mentioned that she’s had children just like my James, I was shocked!

That’s when I heard the two words that changed our life. Aspergers Syndrome.

We sat and talked for an hour and as soon as she left, I hit Google.!

Not only do I believe without a doubt that this is what my son has, but I also believe this is what my husband has AND subsequently his father (although quite mild compared to my husband and our son).

Now, how do I mention this to my hubby without him getting upset? He’s very protective over James, I fear that it’ll be a struggle to get him diagnosed.

Go big, or go home right?


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