Baby Jake's birth

Here’s how things played out on Friday evening.

Friday at 3:00 I started having contractions. They started to increase in strength and didn’t appear to be stopping. My day nurse put in the call to have me monitored. By 8:00 I was having pretty good contractions, but baby Jake wasn’t doing to good with them. His heart tones dropped down to 65 which frightened the L & D nurses.

We were whisked away to the L & D floor where I was told that they’d already called my OB and he was on his way over to do the surgery. I called my hubby and he headed out for the 30 minute drive from the house. They started me on magnesium because my blood pressure was like 190/115. It was bad!

We were prepped and by 10:00 we were wheeled into the OR. It took the Anesthesia tech 3 tried to get the spinal placed 😦 hated that!!!! Once we were set, it was pretty quick there after.

Jacob Ambrose was born at 10:36 PM weighing 6lbs 14oz and 20″ long. He had the umbilical cord wrapped loosely around his neck 3 times. 😦

I spent the night in a nice suite in Labor and Delivery before they moved me back over to my other room. That was due to the Mag that they gave me. I was moved over at midnight on the 26th (or I guess that’s the 27th) and I soooooooo looked forward to taking a shower the next day!

Jake and I were discharged on the 28th and it was so nice being home finally in almost 3 weeks. 🙂


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