I'm in LABOR!!!!!!

Officially in labor!!! I’m too excited to sleep :D. I’ve got to get up and call the hubby at 4:00 am when he’s getting ready for work and tell him what’s going on.

So basically, I’m supposed to monitor the contractions and when they get to a 7-10 on a pain scale then we move forward to the c-section. Right now, they’re around a 4-5.

When I was checked, I was 1-1.5 cm, 50% effaced and -2. A week ago I was 1 cm and thick.

I cannot believe I FINALLY get to meet baby Jake!!!!!!!!!

Update, It’s now 11:51 in the afternoon and my OB came by this morning.  He said he thinks I’m still only 1 cm and 25% effaced.  Either way, I’m making progress from last week when he checked; so that’s a good thing.  He did say that I no longer have to chart the timing of the but rather he wants me to focus on the pain meter.  When they intensify for several in a row, I’m to have my nurse contact him.

I asked how long I could be at this stage and he said that it could be hours, it could be tomorrow it could be next week.  Please God, not next week!

My mother informs me that tomorrow is the anniversary of my Papa’s passing (her Daddy).  Jake’s middle name is my Papa’s saints name.  So, my mother seems to think that Jake will be born tomorrow.  She’s such a goober, I swear!  😉

So, time will tell how things progress.  Hopefully faster than they appear to be.  Someone needs to bring me something spicy!  Ha ha ha!


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