Houston, we have contractions

So I was talking to my night nurse when she came in at 8:00 about having some contractions. I also told her that I was having back ache and cramps with it. She became a bit inquisitive about them and asked me how many I’d been having.

I told her I’d been averaging about 1-2 contractions an hour and in between I had the crampy achey feeling. She decided to check my urine to see if I was dehydrated and asked me to go ahead and chart them.

I started charting the cramps/backache along with the contractions after 8:00 below.

Contraction monitor –

12:05 am – 45 seconds
11:07 am – 55 seconds
1:55 pm – 1 minute (contraction shown on monitor during NST)
3:51 pm – 45 seconds
4:44 pm – 45 seconds
6:15 pm – 45 seconds (contraction)
7:08 pm – 45 seconds (contraction)
8:10 pm – 50 seconds (contraction)
8:45 pm – 50 seconds (backache)
8:58 pm – 50 seconds (crampy with backache)
9:10 pm – 50 seconds (backache with tummy tightness)
9:25 pm – 55 seconds (crampy)
9:32 pm – 50 seconds (contraction)
9:44 pm – 50 seconds (backache)
9:47 pm – 50 seconds ?
10:00 pm – 55 seconds (backache and cramps); feels like I need to have a movement
10:12 pm – (crampy and backache)

So, my concern is the need/want/feeling of needing to have a BM… I remember having what I thought was an upset tummy when I went into labor with Josh; I think I’m in for a long night…


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