One week down, ??? to go?

So, the Ambien worked great.  Crashed out around 10:30-11:00 last night and SLEPT THE ENTIRE NIGHT until 4:00 this morning.  I am pretty sure I snored like a water buffalo because I am A) Extremely swollen and B) I am 9 months pregnant…

When I woke up it seemed as thought the headache was gone, NOT!  I fell back to sleep and work up again around 6:30 and that is when I discovered that the headache was still there, dull but there none the less 😦

My OB came in again around 8:30 and assessed things.  My blood pressure was taken while he was still in the room and it was…160/110… I thought Sweet baby Jesus, we’re having a baby today!!!!!  He called for blood work and asked me to lay on my left side. He also said no more food or drink until the results came in from the lab.  The lab came to draw blood around 9:30 and said they’d have the results this morning.

I made all the necessary calls, made arrangements for the kids to get picked up from school and put the hubby on stand-by!  The nurse comes in around 10:45 and preceded to take my “vitals” because she got the lab results back and was going to call my OB with all the info.  She comes back in my room around 11:00 and says, Okay so go ahead and order lunch… My heart sank. . .

She said that the liver function test (part of the blood test) came back good, and they did a dip stick into a urine sample that showed protein in the urine but not enough for my OB to become alarmed 😦

SSSSSIIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!  So, I had to unalert the troops and tell everyone we had a false alarm.  Throughout the day, my pressure got as high as the 150’s and that was about as high as it got.  They had me lying down most of the day, ON MY LEFT SIDE (Really starting to dislike this position…) but my head was pounding.

The day nurse came in while I had a breakdown from the pain and said she felt concerned and would call my OB.  I thought YES!  and then she came back in an hour later and said she wasn’t calling him.  WTF?  Biotch, you had better call him before I get my very pregnant ass up out of this bed and beat you with my ice pack!  She comes back yet another hour later and says that she got orders from him to give me Norco for pain, but if I’ve had Tylenol I can’t take it.  It’s a freaking narcotic.  I’m not taking that crap!  I don’t care if it doesn’t cross the placenta, I am not taking that; I refuse!

I am now at the point where I am a moody BITCH!  I am in pain, I am miserable AND I AM STILL PREGNANT!  Ugh!

So, basically the gist of it is that I look good on paper so therefore there is no concern about this raging headache that I’ve had for the past 2 days…

I am now in another holding pattern and waiting to find out exactly what my OB has in store for me tomorrow.  I guarantee it’ll go something like this “Well, your lab work looks good.  You had some protein spill into your urine stick yesterday, so I want to order you a 24 hour urine catch to get an idea as to what your protein levels are now.  They were 532 when you were admitted A WEEK AGO YESTERDAY (which is today) so lets see where we are.  Your pressure is creeping up, but I don’t understand your headaches (Yeah, me either so why don’t you do us both a favor AND DELIVER BABY JAKE!).  We will reassess tomorrow after the 24 hour urine catch…

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!  I just want to have Jake and get my body back to normal!  I am soooooooooooo beyond done!


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