Day 7 – Major scare

Made it to day 7 today.  Also had a MAJOR scare today too 😦

Started my day off good, without a hitch.  Saw my OB first thing in the morning.  My OB and I talked about our game plan.  So, unless I go into labor with Jake on my own between now and next Tuesday here is how things will play out.  Next Tuesday he’s going to call for a Perinatologist to come up and do a scan on Jake.  He’s going to have basically a second opinion as to the viability of Jake and then we’ll plan on having a c-section next week sometime.  I’m holding out for next Thursday the 31st as that is my hubby’s birthday 🙂  I’m glad that I have a light at the end of the tunnel and don’t have to be in here until my scheduled c-section on June 12th.

Shortly after my OB left, my hubby came in <3!!!!  It was so nice having him all to myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I love and miss my kids something fierce, but boy do I miss the alone time with the man!  My folks came up to hang for a bit right when hubby was leaving and stayed through my lunch.  Around noon I felt like what was the beginning of a headache, so I let my nurse know.

Around 2:00 the headache got worse, so I asked for Tylenol.  By 4:00 I was in agony.  The pain was intense.  They took my blood pressure and I was 150/88 😦

The orders from my OB are to not call unless my pressure is 160 as the top number or 110 as the bottom : /

Long story short, my pressure came down if I was laying on my left side; so guess how I spent the ENTIRE rest of the day?  On my freaking LEFT SIDE!

I had 3 rounds of Tylenol and the headache never subsided.  They gave me 1/2 a dose of Ambien to help me sleep around 10:30.  I sure do hope that it works…  I really do not like taking medications.  Scares the poo out of me.


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