Moving on up!!!

New Room

Out with the old (upper) and in with the new (lower)

I figured if I’m going to be here about another week, might as well get the most bang for my buck (even if the buck is no charge…).

So, I had one of my night nurses telling me that I should wait to change rooms until after I have baby Jake and get one of the bigger family suites.  It’s an extra $100-$200 out of pocket.  Weighing my options, I decided it’s not worth it because I won’t have the kids up here for very long (they’re kids, short attention span…) and it would be a waste of money.

So, I asked my day nurse today if there were a lot of discharged patients today and if so would it be possible to get a room on the main wing that over looked the courtyard.

I know about these rooms because it just so happened that I got one of these rooms when I had Josh.  It was quite nice, over looked a courtyard with lots of trees and flowers and stuff.

So, I was totally jazzed when she said she’d go walk the hall for me since I can’t and pick a good one for me.  She came back 15 minutes later and said she’s moving me into a new room and would be back in an hour to get me moved over.

In the picture above, my old room is on top.  It over looked the parking garage and a medical office building 😦  The new room below has three giant windows over looking the courtyard and from the right side I can see the UT Tower! 🙂  SCORE!


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