Day 6

Had a pretty decent night last night.  No contractions and actually slept with a damn (Thanks to the hubby and kids bringing me my pillow from home!).  So far today, I’ve had no visitors but I’ve webcam-ed with the hubby and kids twice.  I cannot STAND the hospital gowns anymore…  I’ve requested some of my comfy sundresses to get me through the day, hoping that those will come tomorrow.

I have had one contraction today, and it was around 12:40.  Since then I’ve had low back pain again and the up set tummy feeling along with lower tummy cramping.  Here we go again?  I guess we shall see.

On a side note, I have lost 2 lbs since being in here.  Not sure how considering all I am doing is lying, reclining, sitting and eating.  I think I’ve eaten more in here than I have on a normal daily basis…  Maybe it’s all the water I’m drinking?  Who knows.

The on call OB came by earlier this morning and said I was the talk of the L & D wing with my contractions yesterday.  He said that the baby looked good on the print out, so they’re not overly concerned right now.  I’ll see my regular OB tomorrow morning, I’m thinking around 8:30ish and I’m thinking this is how things are going to play out…  I’m not even asking to go home, I already know the answer is no.  I am thinking however, that he’ll have spoken with the OB that was on call this weekend who I’m sure will probably tell him that he sees no reason in keeping me here.  That will trigger my OB to call for another 24 hour urine catch and a blood draw to check for protein in my urine and the liver function test.  IF I end up with contractions again today, I’m thinking he’ll be checking my cervix for change.  Then I’m assuming on Tuesday he will either allow me to have some activity (like walking to the nursery and back to my room (opposite ends of the hall way).

Either way, he knows that I have 4 kids at home and the youngest is not quite 3.  He’s witnessed how my almost 3 year old is at Doctor visits, which is why I am pretty sure I’m not getting out of here.  My blood pressure today was by far the best yet.  97/68 and I know he’ll look at it as “See how good your pressure is while your here not under stress…”

So, why fight something that I cannot win.  At the very least I’d like to be able to walk a little bit just to get some form of exercise.  I’m waiting on my little sister to come by so we can get me in a wheel chair and go look at the cute little ones.

It’s been over an hour since my contraction and nothing else.  We shall see what happens 🙂


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