Day 5 at hotel St. Davids

Had a rough night last night. Ended up with some pretty good contractions for about 6 hours, and then promptly ended about as quickly as they came on. They actually felt like time of the month cramps. I’m hoping that all of this is working to dilate my cervix! I did manage to find out that they feel like cramps when I’m sitting up vs. horrid back ache when I’m lying down 😦

If they didn’t finally stop, they were going to move me back over to L & D wing to monitor and ultimately stop delivery with Magnesium. I cannot STAND that stuff!

Ended up having cramps again today. This time the nurses were on alter and contacted L & D to send over a monitor. They got me hooked up for 20 minutes. Baby Jake doesn’t like to be recorded, because the entire time I was hooked up he refused to be heard. 🙂 Kept on moving around. However, they did manage to capture a few contractions. And again, like last night as soon as they started they stopped.

So, I’ve been told to monitor them and when they increase in strength and intensify I’m to let my nurse know ASAP. According to the L & D nurse, because I’m past the 32 week marker and almost at 36; they will probably not stop labor if it happens. So, come on baby Jake!


35 Weeks and 4 days along!

Managed to get all dressed up today because hubby and the kids were coming to visit and I knew they’d be here for a little while. Don’t

get me wrong, the hospital gown is nice; but I’ve been in one every day for the past 4 days… When I took my shower, I put my sun dress on. Managed to snap a picture of my belly. I’M HUGE!

Anyway, I enjoyed seeing my family today. Really do miss being with them 😦 The on call OBGyn came by this morning before the fam did and said that he’s really impressed with my blood pressure readings (119/68) and was asking me if I knew what my Doctor’s protocol was. I told him that I was really hoping that if my pressures were good that he’d send me home. He then stated that if I was his patient, he would’ve sent me home today 😦

Apparently, my OBGyn is going to call for another 24 hour urine catch early this next week and I’m assuming that after those results we’ll re-evaluate. I find it hard to believe that my Protein will reverse, but then again look at what my blood pressure has done.

Wonder how this evening will go???? Hubby seems to think that this Tuesday could be the day, a hunch he has. Guess we shall see!



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