Day 4 of solitary confinement

Today marks day 4 of being confined to this hospital bed 😦 My OB came in this morning around 8:30 and said he was happy with the reversal of my blood pressure (it’s going backwards instead of forward 🙂 ), however before I could even ask he said that I’m not going home 😦

I’ve finally come to the realization that I’m stuck here, in this tiny box until I go into labor or have baby Jake.  <sigh>  So, today my day consisted of a non stress test for baby Jake.  During said NST, Jake decided to have the hiccups and I whipped out the video function on my phone and taped him.  It’s pretty funny to hear him on the monitor.  ❤ it!

This evening my little sister and niece came by and brought me dinner.  She brought me the California Club from Thundercloud!!!!  Mmmmmmmmmmmmm GOOD!  Beats hospital food ANY DAY!  Although, I have to say the food here is actually pretty good.  There are some things that I’ve had that I’ll probably not have again (like the Chicken Fried Chicken…Wasn’t a fan).  The company was nice, sure did feel good talking to a human instead of the voices in my head…  😉

I asked my day nurse today if I could possibly change rooms?  The room that I am in is nice, but when I open up the blinds I’m staring at 2 huge buildings.  One is a professional building and the other is the parking garage… : / Don’t get me wrong, I love to people watch but this is a bit much…  Not to mention there is a very bright light on the building above my room, so I have to turn the blinds up at night so the light isn’t shining in my face.

Today when my sister came by, I got a wheel chair and she took me on a walk.  We walked almost the entire floor and saw a few rooms that were not occupied that have a beautiful view of the courtyard.  I’m jonsing for one of those!  My day nurse asked the charge nurse and then she told me to just ask the day nurse daily for another room.  So…. Tomorrow morning I’m hoping to get nurse Julie back and I’m asking her to bump me up to a de-lux apartment 😀

Heck, it’s the least that I can do considering I’m stuck here for at least 10 days…


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