What in the world?

So, last night as I was trying to sleep in this hospital bed (which SUCKS!  However, my day nurse from yesterday scored me an egg crate mattress which makes it a bit better…) I managed to fall asleep in my usual position (on my left side, half on my belly half not) when I had this strange sensation in muh bellah.

I cannot explain it other than I felt like baby Jake was twisting around in there.  I promptly got up because now I had the urge to pee and that’s when I saw my belly.  It was sticking straight out in front.  The most bizarre shape I’ve seen yet.  I think he was trying to move.  I know he’s breech and last I knew he was laying transverse (sideways) of sorts.  His head is up near my right rib cage and then his feet are catty corner near my pelvis on the left side.  Trust me, not a very fun position for mom…

Anyway, going potty didn’t really make anything better.  I crawled back into bed and was woken up later in the night by a pretty big contraction.  Sitting, (read laying) here in the hospital bed I am witnessing baby Jake just a moving.  Funny how he’s moved from big kicks and hits to a scene from Aliens in which my belly moves and contorts.



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