Hopefully have a target time frame!

My blood pressure was most excellent today!  Best was 127/78 and worse was 140/87 🙂 Happy Camper!!!

My OB came in to make rounds around 3:30 this afternoon.  It unfortunately wasn’t enough for him to say I can go home 😦 He did however give me the ability to be in a wheel chair and to be able to go down to the lobby!!!

Then it came time to ask the most important question.  IF I keep on the right path and nothing wonky happens, and supposing that I make it to 37 weeks with no signs of going into labor; would I be stuck here until the scheduled c-section of June 12th?.. (please God, let it NOT be so) He said that when I hit 37 weeks (MAY 29th BABY!), he’ll call for a Perinatologists(Which is a $5 word for a Doctor that deals with in utero babies and doesn’t deliver) to do a final ultrasound to determine if baby Jake is developed enough to be born.  IF he concurs with my OB, then my OB will have a second opinion to do the c-section that week.

SSSSSOOOOOOO, I’ve got to get through next week and then it’ll all come to a head around May 29th!  😀

That is, unless something happens between now and then (i.e. I get progressively worse, I spill more protein in my urine or baby Jake decides it’s time).  I just wish I could do some walking, because I just don’t see how sitting here on my derriere is going to progress my cervix enough to cause labor 😦 I need a miracle!

On a side note, the fam came up to visit me tonight.  We web cammed last night which was nice, but nothing like being able to hug and kiss them all in person.  The natives became restless pretty soon, which I expected; but I got to get in a wheel chair and go down to the lobby to see them off.  Not really a good thing though, as we were saying our good-byes I lost it and started bawling 😦

Never thought this would be so hard, truly sucks!  At least I’ve got something to look forward to as they’re planning on coming by on Saturday morning sometime.



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