Welcome to hospital hotel, please enjoy your stay :(

Got the news back on the 24 hour protein catch, and it’s no bueno 😦

Protein was 532 and the normal range is between 100-200. High would be above 1000. So the verdict is, I’m too high to be sent home for bed rest and too low to justify having baby Jake early 😦 If you read between the lines, that means I’m at Club Maternity Ward until I deliver Jake. Could be a few days, could be 2 weeks, could be until my schedule c-section in June 12th.

My OB doesn’t think I’ll make it until June 12th, might not make it until 37 weeks (which is May 29th); but regardless I’m stuck here 😦

He checked my cervix because I’ve been having some contractions and feeling a little crampy today. I’m at 1cm dilated and thick, so not going Ito labor anytime soon and since I cannot walk… Doubt I’ll go into labor on my own.

I of course, got really upset after he left. He said that there was no negotiating whatsoever, this was to protect baby Jake first and foremost. I understand that and I appreciate him being Jakes advocate, but I’m still pissed! I’ve never been apart from my babies for longer than one over night stay at a hotel with the hubby (and with this many kids, those visits are few and far between; were talking 1x and we didn’t have Josh the last time…). This is killing me, not being there to kiss my babies goodnight, not being there to play with Josh 😦

So, now that I’m sure my blood pressure is sky high from crying (and my 16 year old daughter telling me via text message at school that she’s been crying all afternoon; didn’t help at all), I’m sure my next blood pressure reading is going to be horrid.

I get to start another 24 hour urine catch in the next day or two as part of his protocol. This will allow my OB to monitor the pre-eclampsia and watch for an upward trend leading to the need to take baby Jake.

Thankfully my niece is bringing me my laptop tonight so the hubby and my babies can talk to me via web cam, other than that my sister is supposed to come and being me crayons and a coloring book 🙂 oh the things I am going to be looking forward to… (sigh)


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