Reflecting – Joshua's birth story

As I’m sitting here in the labor and delivery wing of the hospital, I managed to find my birth story for Josh. 🙂 <3!!!!!

written June 19, 2009 @ 6:50 pm – Thursday around 11:00 pm I was sitting downstairs with my DD and I was working on my new web site. I couldn’t get comfy for nothing. My lower back was starting to hurt off and on. I then started getting these cramps that kind of felt like diarrhea cramps and had to get up to either pee or have a (tmi) loose bm. This went on until I finally gave up and crawled into bed at 12:45.

I kept having those cramps all night long. I just assumed they were due to a tummy bug that we had running through the house. The boys both had it recently and I just figured I’d picked it up.

So, all night long I kept having these cramps and it didn’t matter what position I was in. They kept coming and hitting my back which really hurt. Finally at 4:15 I got up to pee and had one while walking and thought hmmm…could this be…. nah and headed back to bed. No sooner than I laid my head back down I got another one and it was so painful that I shot up out of bed. I guess I was moaning pretty loud because Andy then asked me if everything was okay. I told him what was going on and then told him to try and stay close to the area at work today because I wasn’t sure what was going on.

He asked me to go downstairs and see if changing position made a difference and he got up to take a shower. I came down and started looking on the internet to diarrhea cramps and labor and viola, they coexist…

I called my OB at 5:30 and told him what was going on. He told me that it sounded like labor and to head to L&D. Andy got the kids up and I got dressed and finished packing my bags and we headed out the door at 6:00.

At 6:30 I was at L&D (oh and funny thing, Andy dropped me off at the front lobby and Cecilia came with me. Well I had a huge contraction right there and these two “Doctors” just walked right by me). They got me hooked up to the monitors and all and per my Doctor he wanted them to put me on an IV to rule out dehydration as a cause of the contractions.

An hour later and they intensified! They called him and he came over to personally check my cervix. I was about 1 cm dilated from a dimple 2 weeks ago, but I was 50% effaced! He said I was in labor! first time ever!

So this was at 9:10 and we were scheduled for the c-section at 9:30! talk about super quick!

I got back to the OR at around 9:45 and they got me numbed up and started the surgery at around 10:00. Joshua Anthony was born at 10:20 butt first mooning the world! He weighed 6lbs 8oz and was 19 3/4″ long. He scored an 8 and 9 on his apgar tests respectively.

The Pedi saw him today and said he is absolutely perfect! He got his circ this morning too. 1 hour after he was born they brought him to me in recovery and he started nursing right on the spot. He’s such an awesome nurser! No problems whatsoever.

I had my catheter removed this morning AND got to get up last night at 12 hours after surgery to walk a little bit and get cleaned up. I took my shower this morning at 24 hours past surgery and boy that shower never felt sooooooo good!

I’m just on pain meds right now, and I’m a bit tender but doing pretty good. In fact the nurses are fighting over me because I’m not complaining. Ha ha!

So, is is day 2 in the hospital. I could go home as early as tomorrow, but we’re thinking it’ll happen on Sunday; Fathers day 🙂

Oh and I have to share this. The kids are being so awesome! Cecilia is over the moon and keeps saying how gorgeous he is. Andrew keeps going around telling everyone here how he’s the bigger brother and all he asked for yesterday was when he could hold him. James was so excited to see him but is a little bit afraid in a way. BUT he is so protective it’s so cute! Everything he does or anyone does to him, James asks what’s going on. I was pushing the bassinet in the hallway today and he told me that I was pushing Joshie too fast and that I needed to slow down.

Goodness, I cannot believe we’re so close to having another bundle of joy 🙂


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