Ruh roh raggy

So, I woke up this morning around 2:00 with my hands tingling and a slight headache. Fell back to sleep and woke up at 6:00 to get the kids ready for school when I noticed my hands were swollen. Went into the bathroom to get ready and I noticed my face was swollen too. : /

I got the kids off to school and took James and Joshua to my friend (James was still recovering from Strep) and called my OB. He asked me to come into the office at 8:45. I trekked in and got started on blood pressure readings. Not good. Top it off with spilling 2+ protein in my urine now, whereas yesterday I was fine 😦

My OB sent me off to labor and delivery for a 24 hour observation and urine catch. So here I am up on the L & D floor, stuck here until 1:00 tomorrow at least.

The census right  now is depending on my 24 hour urine catch results and lab redraws, my options are:

  1. Stay here a few more days for observation
  2. Go home to bed rest
  3. Have baby Jake tomorrow or Wednesday

What sucks is being here, not at home. 😦 Thank God my parents are able to come up and take my kids to school and the sitter tomorrow!!!  Guess well know more tomorrow, but I DISLIKE waiting and not knowing 😦


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