Hug your pharmacist today!

My James is sick today, really sick.  I was hoping we could hold out until the Pediatricians office opened; but when I went to wake the kids today and noticed that he had a big blotchy rash on his body that wasn’t going to be the case. 😦

Last night I noticed that his left tonsil was HUGE.  My kids all have large tonsils, so it’s nothing new for a Physician to comment about how large they are; but this was gigantic.

So, I got the 2 older ones off to school and James, Josh and I headed to the ER at 7:30 this morning.  Poor guy sounded like he had rocks in his mouth or a hot potato; which is something he does when he has strep…

Call it mother’s intiution, but I knew that was going to be the diagnosis.  Sure enough, we get to the ER and get right back into a room (not sure if they felt sorry for my hugely pregnant ass or my boy) and long story short it took 5 of us to hold him down and force a strep culture test on him.  He absolutely DETESTS those tests, so he clammed up when we got back to a bed. 😦 Of course, bribing him didn’t work at all… Low and behold after the ER Doctor forced her way in, he gladly opened up his mouth.

To which she said, No need to really send that culture in; he has strep without a doubt.  The rash, is scarlet fever 😦 My poor James!  He’s had this one other time with the Scarlet fever, which is a side effect when the strep gets really bad.

So, flash forward to getting the prescription filled.  After waiting for over 30 minutes we’re finally called in to pick it up.  Got it all paid for and went over to get the consultation.  James’ had amoxicilin before, but I always go to see what the dosage is and if he should take it with/without food and/or refrigerate the medication.

The pharmacist comes over with 4 huge bottles of medication.  She starts giving me the low down and when she mentions that he’s supposed to get 3.5 tsp per dose (3x a day), she looks up at me and cuts her eyes over to James.  To which she asks me if he has a really bad infection?  When I said no and questioned such a large dose, she stated that it was more than an adult would take…

She grabs the bottles and says she’s calling to verify the medication with the ER Doctor.  10 minutes go by and I finally get confirmation that they prescribed a dose for a HORSE! Well, maybe not literally a horse but a larger than life adult that’s for sure.  Turns out he’s supposed to get only 1 tsp 3x a day…

So, kudos to my Pharmacist for noting that the prescription was waaaaayyyyyy off!!!  Heaven only knows what COULD have happened to my sweet boy if I’d given him that dosage…

Thinking I need to write a letter to the ER board…


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