Things that I miss

As I get closer and closer to baby Jake’s arrival, I am starting to remember those things that I took for granted.  Like:

  1. Being able to go potty and actually wipe without contorting my body to get around this ginormous belly.
  2. Being able to get up from a sitting position without having to hoist myself to the edge of the seat, take a breath and rise.
  3. Be able to shave my legs
  4. Be able to go from a reclining to a sitting position without the need of support.
  5. To be able to see my feet AND them not be swollen
  6. To be able to wear my wedding ring and guard and not my fat finger ring (although I get a lot of complements on it)
  7. To be able to eat chicken and pork again (cannot for the life of me stomach it)
  8. To not huff and puff when going from the first floor to the second floor.
  9. To wear my normal clothes again
  10. To FINALLY not feel like the freak show that I’ve been for the past 3 months (“When are you due? JUNE 12TH? Is there just one in there? YOUR 5TH?”)

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