Mother's Day Haul!

Andrews Card

Andrew’s Card

This is what I’ve received so far from my kiddos.  I absolutely LOVE being a mom!  I think the best things are from the heart and I love the fact that my children get so excited when they make something special for me 🙂

This is Andrew’s (The 9 year old) card to me.  It reads “I love you more than the pool that keeps me cool.  I love you more than pizza that is yummy.  I love you Mom, Andrew”

James' Tulips

James’ Tulips and poem

James (The 7 year old) actually gave me three things.  One was a 6 page “All about Mom” print out,

where he said how old I was (49, he’s waaaaayyyyyy off), said that I weighed 100 lbs (Nice!), that I’m 7’6″ tall, etc.  I also got this really cool tulip made from his hands and a nice poem attached.  The poem reads “Nobody’s like you, Mom.  Nobydy’s quite like you, Mom. You’re special in every way.  You cheer me up, you fill my cup with tenderness, come what may.  Nobody loves me like you, Mom.  No matter what I do, Good or bad, happy or sad, You support me; You always come through.  Nobody’s equal to you, Mom.  With you in my life, I’m blessed.  I love you so, and I want you to know I think you’re the very best!”

I also received this hand written card from James too.  It says “Dear Mom You are the gradest mom.  You are the good mom”

I ❤ my children so much!


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