Put out an APB!

I have lost my ankles! 😦 I am so incredibly swollen this evening. I have an appointment tomorrow around noon and I’m not looking forward to going. I’m so worried that he’ll put me on bed rest.

Not to mention I’ve been having contractions off and on since around 3:15 this afternoon. They’re very erratic and were probably about 1.5 hours apart at best, typically longer though.

I haven’t had a contraction since around 7:45 this evening, so I’m hoping that’s all the action that I’ll be getting tonight. (Please)

I keep trying to psych myself out by reminding myself that there’s only 3 weeks until full term, or 2.5 weeks really; but it’s become VERY difficult to convince myself today. I am sooooooooooooooooooo done!

Today was the first day that I wanted to break down and cry. Dreading tomorrow…


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