I’ve been searching for a sit ‘n stand stroller to use for baby Jake and Josh. Problem is, brand new they’re expensive and I just couldn’t bring myself to buying one.

In steps Craigslist. Great site, BUT lots of scams go through it. Especially when there’s an ad by a “lady” selling 2 brand new sit ‘n stand type strollers for $50-$60 each…

Well, after giving up for a few weeks I hopped back on Sunday just to see. Got the typical $60 but it has a tear in the basket, or it’s missing the canopy, or it doesn’t have the car seat adapter…

BUT, I found a good one! The poster had put it on earlier in the day and emailed me back early yesterday morning! I made arrangements to meet his wife in Austin at a grocery store to take care if the transaction.

Here’s what I got for $60!


It has the tray, car seat carrier bar, canopy and NO rips/tears anywhere 🙂 I’m a happy momma!!!


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