Bunch of quacks!

Okay, I’ve let this sit and stew in my brain since last Tuesday… And now I’m pissed!

I had to take my 9 year old to the Doctor last week because he was sick.  😦 I had my 2.5 year old with us, well because he goes everywhere with me. 🙂  When the Doctor came into the room, Josh the little one was chit chatting about the pictures on the wall.  The Doctor stopped what she was doing to listen to our conversation.  She then spoke up and said that she knew he wasn’t there for a visit, but felt that my 2.5 year old needed to be evaluated by a speech language pathologist.  Her reasoning was that as she sat there listening to him speaking to me, she said she couldn’t understand majority of what he was saying.

That at his age, people outside his family unit should be able to carry on a conversation with him knowing what he’s speaking of…

Well, I’ve got news for her… HE ONLY STARTED SPEAKING THIS PAST DECEMBER!  He is the 4th child in my family, it’s a wonder his feet even touch the floor!

The nerve!  IF he’d been “on target” and came out speaking like my 9 year old did (of which, he was THE ONLY child of ours to actually speak early and clearly) then this wouldn’t have come up.  But because his sentences are not clear enough (which is a faux paux when you think about it…  The books all try to tell you that every child hits milestones at different stages/ages; and to not judge a book by it’s cover…Well, doesn’t it apply here too?) that he obviously has a problem.

Needless to say, he’s following the foot steps of his older sister and his older brother (the 7 year old).  Both of them spoke full on sentences much later in life and BOTH ARE FINE!

Did you know that our 16 year old daughter belongs to an early college high school?  Did you know that our 16 year old had 2 sets of ear tubes placed in her ears between 23 months and 3.5 years?  Did you know that our 16 year old is a college freshman this next school year AND a high school Junior and will graduate with HONORS!!!  Did you know that 2 weeks before high school graduation that our 16 year old will graduate from junior college with an ASSOCIATES DEGREE; AND only have 2 years of a 4 year university to graduate with a Bachelors degree?

And did you know that my 7 year old is reading at an almost 3rd grade level?

Um, yeah…So don’t sit here and tell me that my child needs to be evaluated…He’s perfectly fine by my book…  Seems to be right on target for my gifted and talented family.

off soap box.


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