Zero Water Container – Me Likey!

Our beloved PUR water cooler bottle topper thingy bit the dust; after some 7 or so years 😦 Really disappointed in it too.  We’ve been plugging along with a britta sink filter, but it’s really not the same.  Miss being able to have ICE COLD water instead we have cool tap water 😦

So, after finding out that they no longer make the PUR water cooler thingy we had to search for something else.

Step in Zero Water.  I found out that Home depot actually had it the cheapest.  $49 plus free shipping!

Zero Water Cooler Bottle

Zero Water Cooler Bottle

Ordered it last Friday and it came in today.  Quicker than I thought it would.  So, my sick 9 year old and I put it together and tried it out. I have to say I.AM.AMAZED!

The water tastes so much better!  It comes with a PPM water tester, so we gave it a shot.  We tested the water from the tap, without the Britta filter on.

Water Tester take 1

Water Tester take 1

Then, we tested the water out of the cooler with our new Zero Water Cooler Bottle.

Water Tester Take 2

Water Tester take 2

Finally, we tested the water out of the tap with the Britta water filter on.  Sad to say, it was only a little bit better than the one we took with no filter on.

Needless to say, I’m a HUGE fan!  It is so nice having ICE COLD WATER!  And the best part is, the kids are drinking water again 🙂


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