33 week check up


Had my 33 week check up today. Dr. still says my due date is the 18th which puts me at 33 weeks officially tomorrow.

Blood pressure was excellent today!!! Super stoked about that. My “sample” was good. Nothing spilling over and liver check looks good. No sugars either which is good!

Weight was up about 4 lbs though from last week 😦 I’m incredibly swollen. In fact, my daughter was amusing herself last night by pressing her hand into my lower legs and watching it make an imprint as if you were sinking your hand in plaster or concrete. Stayed for quite a while. Dr. said that I’m definitely swollen and that the weight gain is water retention for sure. Sigh

Basically I go weekly until I either go into labor, hit my scheduled c-section date or something goes wonky with my blood pressure, liver levels or I spill protein in my urine.

In 2 weeks I get an ultrasound to determine baby’s position and approximate size. Starting to get anxious!!!! I can’t wait to see who he looks like, will he have any hair, how big will he really be?

I really dislike waiting… But I understand that it’s not quite time yet. Sigh


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