Getting activity!!!!

Noticed over the past few days that I’m starting to have regular irregular braxton hicks contractions!  🙂 Why would I be happy about this?  Just that much closer to meeting baby Jake!

We were at Lowe’s yesterday returning a water cooler that we bought that didn’t work.  The hubby went in first while I wrangled Josh into a Lowe’s Race Car buggy.  When we got into the returns area, the lady behind the counter looked at me with very wide opened eyes.  I heard her ask the hubby, “How much longer does she have?”.  To which he looked at me and I told her my schedule c-section date of June 12th.  She then commented “My goodness, that must be one large baby!”

Yep, let the large comments start a flying!  Ha ha, too damn funny!

So, baby Jake can be here as early as 30 days from tomorrow or 4 weeks from Tuesday.  I so cannot wait to start seeing what happens over the next coming weeks.


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