Food for thought…

Someone explain to me why you would want to advertise that your credit SUCKS? Seriously, why would you buy a car from Drive Time and actively display their license plate holder with the words “Drive Time” and their logo? It’s like you’re shouting from the roof tops “I’m a credit risk and these suckers sold me a car!”

While we’re on the subject, years ago in Austin I was out driving one day. A van passed me by with a bumper sticker that read; and I’m not joking… “My child’s an idiot at Austin’s State School.” This of course was back before the invention of camera phones, but damn I wish I could see that van again!  There is a state school in Austin for mentally disadvantaged children.  I never understood this persons reasoning for this bumper sticker.  I’ve seen my fair share of “My child’s an honor student at ____” or “My child is a straight A student at ____”; but never did I envision seeing a bumper sticker that mentioned the mental disability of your child.

My husband can’t stand it when we buy a vehicle from a dealership and they plaster their name all over the car. Like the new Swaggerwagon (that’s what a good friend of mine calls her Honda Odyssey, therefor I’ve dubbed the T&C this as well). We bought it from a dealership in Austin. They plastered their name with a sticky metal name plaque on the back, with not 1 but 2 license plate holders and the paper fake plate on the front.

Hubby immediately removed the one up front, remove the metal sticky name off the back and as soon as the new plates come in; the one on the back is GONE! His reasoning, “They’re not paying ME to advertise, so why should I?”

Point, match, win!


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