And so it begins

Had a bit of a snicker today. I treated Andrew our 9 year old to lunch at school today. I’d already treated the other two and was finally able to make it today.

Josh and I went to subway and got lunch. Andrew requested a foot long turkey. : /

We got to the school a bit early and waited in the hall. They have a small “Zoo” that use to have a lot more than they do now. They’re down to 1 Guinea pig, 1 hamster, 1 bunny and a blue tongue skink. Josh and I were admiring the guinea when James’ teacher came by headed back to class from lunch.

She said hello and when I turned around she was staring at my belly. 🙂 To which she exclaimed, “there’s no way your making it to June”. Ha ha!
Nope we don’t think so either.

So we progressed down the hall to the cafeteria to wait for Andrew. When his class came in, his teacher came by and rubbed my belly. She asked how much longer, when I said technically 6.5 more weeks until my scheduled c-section; her eyes got real wide. Ha ha!

Guess I must be HUGE! 😉


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