Is it really my brest friend?

So, there is a product that I am really excited to try out and I cannot wait until baby Jake gets here so that I can.  With all my other boys (I chose not to breast feed my daughter, chalk that up to being 21 and young) I used a boppy pillow and to be quite honest it’s a great concept; BUT… for a once very large person it is difficult to fit around your waist to properly hold a baby for feeding.

THIS time around I decided to try something different.  Having lost 50 lbs prior to getting pregnant with this little guy I’m hoping, praying, pleading with God to help me get my body back so that I can get a hawt momma of 5… 😉

That being said, I am really interested in trying out this pillow.  It looks ergonomically correct for holding a bigger baby (mine start out small, but gain speed pretty quickly).

Brest Friend in blue

Brest Friend in blue

It looks a lot more comfortable than those boppy type pillows.  I bought mine second hand from a children’s consignment shop in north Austin.

I think what did it for me was the water bottle holding pocket!  😉

Anyway, hope to be using this bad boy in about 5 weeks or so when Baby Jake is done baking!  I’ll post an update when I’m finally able to break this puppy out.


2 thoughts on “Is it really my brest friend?

  1. I loved My Brest Friend.. for the first few months. I tell ya – breastfeeding moms can get a good arm workout. I have since sold it and he’s now 13 months and has (and currently) nursing without one for many months. It is immense help in te first months though, believe you me! Good luck!

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