Just feels…odd

Alright, so you know that baby Jake flipped head down yesterday morning. Well, I just feel oddstrange…not normal; but of course that’s my norm.

20120425-105244.jpgHe is still head down, even my 9 year old son could tell the difference when he put his hand on my belly today. “Mom, where did that round, hard spot go? Your belly feels different!” my belly even looks different too. I look even more pregnant than I did before.

Well, last night I had a very rough time sleeping. My pelvis was achy, my 2.5 year old was up about every 1.5 hours because the poor guy couldn’t breath (damn allergies), and I couldn’t get comfortable 😦 Every which way I laid down, it felt different. Not use to not feeling baby Jake’s head up high, now I’m concerned with the way I’m sleeping and if it’ll hurt him. I’m not quite a side sleeper, more so a tummy sleeper and even when pregnant I sleep 1/2 on my side, 1/2 on my belly hugging my pillow. for some reason that comfort of knowing where he was, was gone last night. It just felt so foreign to me. Hard to explain.

Not being able to sleep on my back is driving me crazy because it feels like I just can’t find that sweet spot. Needless to say, I am really hoping that Josh’s allergy medicine that he got today helps him to tonight and this extremely exhausted momma gets some much needed rest.


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