So, I woke up this morning with a really strange felling in my belly. It almost felt like Jake was laying sideways across me.

Went to the bathroom thinking that would alleviate some of the pressure/sensation/weirdness… Nope, didn’t do anything.

Got the kids up and ready for school and loaded up into the van. When I sat down is when I noticed this strange sensation in my pelvis. Almost felt as though I’d pulled a muscle.

Got the kids all off to school and headed over to do a final walk thru with a buyer client when I noticed the pelvic area was more like a stretching sensation more than anything else.

Hmmmm…Could Jake have flipped?

Finished up with the buyer client and headed into town for my OB appt. all the while, I felt just strange.

More concerned with my blood pressure and sugar levels, I almost forgot to mention my strange belly. When he got ready to listen to the heartbeat, I remembered so he was able to do a quick external check.

Sure enough, he felt very confident that Jake is now head down. More so than last week. 🙂

Doesn’t mean much to me though since this is c-section #5 for me. That makes 2/5 kiddos that have turned head down. Amazing!

Pressure was 110/87 and blood sugar fasting was 95; so other than I’m swelling more now I’m perfect 😀

Headed back in a week, wonder when the internal checks start? Happy happy, joy joy! NOT! 😉


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