The great Car Seat debate

Now that I’m roughly 7 weeks away from Jake coming, it’s time to start looking at car seats.  I really dislike the fact that there is nothing cute out there for little boys.  There is a TON of cute designs for little girls, but when it comes to boys I either have to go with a dark color (We live in Central Texas, that is absolutely NOT an option) or some Godawful pattern 😦

I’d thought about just buying a seat and commissioning an awesome seamstress to make me a custom cover to match the cover I made for Jake’s bed (it’s retro cowboy print with denim and bandera).

So, here are the three top choices that I’ve made.  I have debated about buying a travel system, but the problem I have is that I need something to handle 2 kids, 1 infant and 1 preschooler.  I don’t really want a tandem stroller, had one with my older 2 boys and it was just a pain in the butt.  I’d love to get a double jogger, but their either too expensive or lack the necessary equipment to attach an infant seat to.

Here are the two that I’m contimplating:


Evenflo Georgia Stripe

Evenflo Georgia Stripe


Graco Oasis

Graco Oasis


Graco Pasadena

Graco Pasadena


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