I have the best clients, seriously!

I had a referral from a friend to help her sister and brother-in-law relocate to the area from Connecticut last summer.  They were going to lease a property, but decided to buy instead.

Anyway, I’ve kept in touch with them via Facebook; because they’re cool people.  Well, my daughter planned a surprise baby shower for me back at the end of March.  My client heard about it through Facebook and asked where I was registered at.  I’m at Target, Walmart and Babys r Rip off; but that’s besides the point 😉

So, I checked the mail today and there was a delivery from Target.com.  No address on the package other than mine and Target’s.  Of course, I rip into the package (Yes, it was addressed to me…) and inside I find a box containing this.

Balboa Baby Sling

I quickly found the packing slip and saw that it was from my client from Connecticut.  So awesome of her to buy me something.  ❤ my clients!  I absolutely cannot wait until Jake gets here and I lose this baby bump so I can wear him.  I had a sling with Josh and it was a life saver and a back saver all in one.


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