Time for a hair cut!

And this time I am using all of my will power to NOT CUT IT SHORT!

Why is it that EVERYTIME I am pregnant, I have this urge to cut my hair very short.  Last time, I cut it to my chin line.  It was the shortest I’d had my hair since I met my husband back in 1993…

This pregnancy has just been so strange for my hair.  Usually after I deliver, my hair will get curly.  I’m sure due to all those lovely hormones running through my veins.  This time, my hair got curly during the pregnancy.  I wonder if Jake will have curly hair?

Anyway, I’ve decided that today I’m getting my hair did.  I’ve been in a funk lately, not feeling very attractive; after all would you if you were carrying around something the size of a drum?

Style option 1

Here are the two styles that I’m thinking of.  My sister says the second one is too dated because she says this is

Style 2 option

Jennifer Anniston; I guess I don’t see her at all.  I just like the cut. Thinking I want to go with long layers.  I’m going to head in to a place around noon today with Josh… Wish me luck!  Ha ha!


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