So, my back is literally killing me… I’m home with all my boys today, because it’s a bad weather make up day.  My daughter unfortunately has school today because she attends an early college high school on a college campus and they have to follow their calendar.

I called my OB’s office this morning to find out what type of relief I can use to help with my back.  We went to the store yesterday (shear madness) and I was going to get some of that icy hot stuff, but when the hubby read about it online it said to consult your Doctor if pregnant.  Nice…  I gave them a ring and spoke with the Medical Assistant, of which immediately offered me an office visit at 11:30.  I told her that I had one tomorrow morning at like 9:30; but I guess because I said that I was having horrible back pains they wanted me in immediately.

I’m 30 weeks today, and whereas this is my 5th pregnancy I’ve only had the luxury of going into labor once before…And it was back labor to begin with… I know I’m not in labor. Now I have to pack up three boys and cart them all the way into the big city of Austin (makes us sound like a bunch of hicks doesn’t it?).  <sigh>

We arrive in time, much to my amazement and I get put back into a room relatively quick.  The whole visit must have taken all but 20-30 minutes from pee in a cup time to when my OB came in.  Baby Jake is just plugging right along.  Heartbeat was around 160 (that’s the highest I think it’s been).  My blood pressure was actually NORMAL!  I was expecting it to be through the roof on the thought that he was going to make me have a non-stress test at the hospital…with.3.young.boys.

Long story short, Jake is just a big baby (or so it seems, we’ll find out at 35 weeks when he does the final ultrasound to determine how big the baby is) and after all this is my 5th pregnancy so EVERYTHING is stretched out beyond belief; therefore my back is bearing the weight of this large girth and I’ve got to basically suck it up.  😦

7 more weeks to go from today!  Thank GOD!  It’ll be my luck that this time Jake won’t come until my scheduled c-section on June 12th.  Ha ha, that’ll be it I’m sure!  I’m thinking of starting a pool for baby weight and birth date.  Hmmmmmm…


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