1, 2, buckle my shoe, 3, 4 throw my back out!

Ugh!  So, Josh was being a typical 2.5 year old.  Not wanting to listen, being defiant, taking his pull-up off and peeing outside; everywhere.  I finally just gave up since we were chilling out back and let him run free.  After all, it’s the only real time in his life that he can be nekked outside and not get arrested.

The older two boys asked if we could bring the pool out and fill it up.  Sure, why not.  I was a nice warm spring day.  Hubby brought the pool around and we put it on the deck for some shade.  Started filling it up and that’s when the temper tantrum started…  Josh did not under any circumstance want to put on a little swimmer!  No way, Jose was that going to happen!  And he made it very apparent!!!

I must have argued with a 2.5 year old for 20 minutes about not going in the pool without his “diaper”.  Even the boys were disgusted at the thought of swimming with it in free range…

Needless to say, after arguing with my 2.5 year old for over 20 minutes I had to barricade him in the house, had to cart his heavy butt up the stairs to put him in time out once before he finally succumbed to sleepy time.

Hard headed little toot!

Turns out later that evening that I pulled something in my lower back, probably while dealing with him and his freak out. Actually, it was probably a combination of things.  Being 8 months pregnant with Jake, him being incredibly HUGE, and dealing with those terrible 2’s…

Monday I’ll be 30 weeks along, 7 more weeks to go and Jake can come out and play!


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