Holy cravings, batman!

I don’t want to have ANYTHING to do with Chicken right now.  In fact, throughout this entire pregnancy the thought, smell, taste of cooked chicken makes me nauseated/sick to my stomach/dry heaving/etc.  I have been able to get by with it if it is disguised in the form of Chicken flautas, or heavily seasoned to where I cannot taste that chicken taste. 

Well, today I have the biggest craving for chicken and rice!  It’s a southern dish, just a simple googling of “chicken and rice casserole” returns the wrong recipe.  I’ve never personally made it before, I’ve had it at restaurants and a good friend of ours made some for us a few months back that was to die for!

So, I changed my search criteria to Southern Chicken and Rice and…Viola!  I found what appears to be an amazing recipe!

Visit She Wears Many Hats to find it.  Not to convince the hubby that Spaghetti just isn’t going to cut it for baby Jake!  Ha ha!



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