Evil 3 letter word

Yep, so I guess in all the years that I’ve tried to not go there (or go back there); it looks like I’m going to have to buy a…

I'd KILL for this van!

So would rock this van!

A MINI VAN!!!! Dear Lord!! Had one for 2 years a while back, whereas it was nice and spacious; I was in theory (mine, duh) too “Young” for a mini van.

Flash forward about 3 years and 4 kids later as we’re expecting our surprise 5th child; our two vehicles are no longer large enough to support our large family.

Oh and by large, I mean large in the fact that we went to Ikea yesterday to buy Jake’s crib. We got there early to eat their fairly decent big breakfast x 6 and the looks we got from passer by’s… was interesting to say the least.

You could almost see them doing the math in their heads as they were approaching the line. [Mom, Dad, one girl, and 1, 2, 3 boys – Wow large family, oh wait… that woman is PREGNANT!] <insert gasp here> Oh yeah, the looks we get when we’re all out in public is insane! I’m just waiting for someone to actually blurt it out of their mouths next…

Anyway, I got off subject. So, we’re expecting our 5th and this puts our ratio off. Whereas my Mazda 6 transports me and the kids to and from school just fine; not to mention is GREAT on gas mileage for my Real Estate business. My hubby’s dodge ram quad cab seats the 6 of us good IF we have to all travel together (to Church or out to dinner is fine, long distance it’s a bit cramped).

But we’re soon going to become a family of SEVEN! S-E-V-E-N…7 HOLY CRAP!

So, looking for my dream economical car (Good-bye Prius) has turned into Hello multi passenger vehicle! My only saving grace would be to find a small SUV/Crossover that seats 7 people; but the only thing I have found (Used) is a Suzuki XL7 and to be quite honest I don’t think that is going to fit 4 growing boys, a daughter and a husband quite well 😦

I’ve narrowed down my choices to either A, B, C, or D:

2003 Mazda MPV

A - 2003 Mazda MPV

2001 Honda Odyssey

B - 2001 Honda Odyssey

C - 2003 Nissan Quest

C - 2003 Nissan Quest

D - 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan

D - 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan

Now I just have to decide which one works best for us. We’ve decided to buy out right for now because the goal is to buy an economically good on gas car to use for my Real Estate business. That’ll probably happen in 2013; so this is going to have to do for now.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Horror Stories? I’d really rather have an SUV (not a behemoth like a Suburban or a Tahoe; but a smaller one that can seat 7 comfortably).


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