Had my OB appointment today… Good news is, I’m not spilling any protien!  Bad news is… I gained 18 lbs of water weight in a month!  AND my blood pressure was elevated.  Well, DUH!

The medical tech uses one of those dumb wrist pressure takers, because to be quite honest I don’t think she knows how to take it old school (you know with the stethescope and a blood pressure cuff).  So, I ALWAYS have higher blood pressure on those aparatisus.  ALWAYS!  It was like 147/117 or some ghastly number.  Of course, my pressure skyrocketed when I stepped on that damn scale..

When I got back to the room, he took my pressure the tried but true method of stethescope and cuff and my pressure was 132/91.  A little hight but in the normal range.  He decided he wanted me to watch my salt intake for the next week and try to take it easy (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, yeah right!).  He wants me back in one week vs. three.  :/

If my visit next week isn’t better, I’m being put on bed rest…


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