Welcome to my blog

Well, after hosting a blog on another site for a while (but always forgetting my log in and/or to update it), I’ve decided to move over to WordPress.  Here you can read about the daily goings on in my house.  I’ve been married to the same wonderful man for 17 years and we have 4 children, with our 5th due June 2012.


In 2011, I finally figured out how to lose weight after 17 years of being over weight.  Funny, who would have thought that watching what you shovel into your pie hole and exercising to eat would actually work!  I successfully lost 48 lbs from March 2011 through October 2011; and then I got pregnant. 🙂


In my spare time, I am also a licensed Real Estate agent in Central Texas.  On December 15, 2011 I was awarded the Williamson County Association of Realtors Rookie of the year. By the grace of God, my Husband and kids I was able to knock out 40 Residential Real Estate Transactions during my first 18 months as a licensed Realtor.  I grossed over $2.3 million in sales my second year as a licensed Realtor and I couldn’t have done that without the help of my family.


So, sit back; relax and enjoy the read!




The Spicy Pepper


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